Vision Business - Sales Professionals

The Regional Development Manager role was created for the sales professional that “lives to sell” and wants to build a substantial business. Vision Business connects you with several businesses and products that complement one another and that you can promote and sell to your existing customers and contacts.

The most exciting opportunity RDMs have, is that they can recruit as many Associates as they want. This enables them to leverage their income and is a very powerful wealth-building mechanism.

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Business Opportunities

Through Vision Business you have access to multiple streams of income. Barteos is one of the most powerful ways of generating wealth for our sales contractors. The Income Calculators below gives you an indication of what is possible with Barteos.

BartEos – Payments That Empower SMEs

Empower small business with new and unique customers, no banking fees or credit card charges. No centralised corporate’s that control your money and use it till a GFC happens.  Protect yourself and support a new Digital cash system that will allow to to trade without costs, time restrictions or barriers. You will gain access to untapped markets and much, much more.

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Mastermind Knowledge – Leveraged Coaching


No matter how much energy and enthusiasm you may have, without certainty of where you are going and how you will get there, you will soon lose momentum. Your Boardroom meetings will give you this clarity. You will attract the resources you need to achieve your true potential from your Boardroom Advisors and Chairman. The Boardroom is based on other member’s life experiences, successes and failures of which some have run the race before us.

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Joint Promotions – Leveraged Adertising

Our Joint Promotions experts will attain other joint promoters to reduce your costs on a single brochure when penetrating the householders in your local community. It’s hassle free to you, and an added service that we provide. Tell us how many flyers you need and the type of Joint promoters you want, the area you wish to distribute and the frequency, and allow us to do the rest.

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Shopless – Leveraged Purchases and Sales

ShopLess is a revolutionary Buying Service that sources Products and Services on your behalf and guarantees you the best price in your city. Furthermore, as a VIP Cardholder-Member you get fast Free-Delivery every time you shop.

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An Australian Amazon competitor that supports SME Retailers and works with them. Find out how you can become a Shopless Supplier, and lets send Amazon back home.

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Regional Development Manger Income

What Can I Earn As An RDM With Barteos?

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What Can Your Vested Tokens Potentially Be Worth?


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“Vision Business connected me with an opportunity of a lifetime and supported me with the training and coaching I needed to be the best I could be. "

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