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About Us

Here at Vision Business we are passionate about small business because we have all been in business all our lives. Combined or team has more than a century’s experience growing and building small and medium businesses. Ranging from Information Technology, advertising and promotions, direct sales, postal and logistics, franchising, trade exchanges, learning and development, retail, blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and hospitality to name only some. Although nothing beats the school of hard knocks and faults, our team also has qualifications ranging from post graduate diplomas in international business to law and masters in business administration. Add some marketing, criteria reference instruction, e-learning and organisational psychology to the mix and you have a team that understands business not only from a practical point of view, but also from a theoretical one. Knowing what works in business and why it works, enable us to more effectively help other business owners to achieve success and Рthat is what Vision Business is all about.

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